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lizenz @wiki:teamcal
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es, statements and displays of the: - Application information (name, version) (exception see (2)) ... ayed on each page) (2) You may alter '' to your liking, e.g. use your own ... ode that are not derived from the original Application and can be reasonably considered independe... u may also alter the version number of the Application based on the original version number in order to
config.teamcal.php @wiki:teamcal
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------------------------------------------- // Application: TeamCal // Purpose: Set basic configurati... to the entity hosting/providing // the TeamCal application to its users. The powered-by statement however mu
download_changelog @wiki:teamcal
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der compatibility with browser rendering. == 05 Application Subtitle == The application subtitle can now be set in the config file.\\ \\
anpassungen_konfiguration @wiki:teamcal
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le (Abwesenheitscodes) im Menü Legende/Legend - Application Subtitle (Firmen/Organisatins/Abteilungsname unte
syntax @wiki
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ava> /** * The HelloWorldApp class implements an application that * simply displays "Hello World!" to the sta
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