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. Even though (and especially because of) an author of free software is not payed for his work I c... er it as important to reference to the original author's work appropriately. It is not only a matter of ... ation (name, version) (exception see (2)) - Author's information (name, URL, e-mail) - Author's Copyright - "Powered by" information (must alway
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| display the last items in the feed first | | author | show item authors names | | date | sh... ample:** {{rss> 5 author date 1h }} {{rss> 5 author date 1h }} ===== Control Macros ===== Some syn
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<!-- lang -->default\(english\)==Deutsch <!-- author -->==Roland Ramthun, Oliver Wunder, Jan Sandbrink
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se: Set basic configuration for TeamCal // Author: George Lewe // Copyright: (c) 2004-200
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