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the following line in ''conf/lang/en/lang.php'' (more details at [[doku>localization#changing_some_loca... headlines to structure your content. If you have more than three headlines, a table of contents is gene... 4 === == Headline Level 5 == By using four or more dashes, you can make a horizontal line: ---- ==... [[wiki:DokuWiki]] to re-render the page if it is more than //refresh period// since the page was last r
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, your wiki is now up and running. Here are a few more tips to get you started. Enjoy your work with Do... our [[doku>faq:sidebar|FAQ on sidebars]] to learn more. Please be aware that not all templates support ... [[doku>faq:support|support]]. Of course we'd be more than happy to have you [[doku>teams:getting_invol
dokuwiki-plugins @wiki
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\ - The first two patches by Andreas Vogel added, more information is available at: [[http://www.dokuwik
opennic @wiki
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id/800113 // If your ISP provided one or more IP addresses for stable // nameservers, y
dokuwiki @wiki
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ble at ===== Read More ===== All documentation and additional informati
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