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  • 29.01.2010 „error_reporting(0);“ in die jeweilige config.teamcal.php eingefügt, beide Versionen sind damit unter PHP 5.3.x ohne weitere Änderungen einsetzbar. Zum Debuggen diesen Eintrag bitte auskommentieren.




DATE: 17.OCT.2009


01 Only alphanumeric chars allowed in user names

Non-alphanumeric user names were leading to irregular results on non-english
servers using differnet char coding. To avoid this, only alphanumeric chars
are allowed in team member names.


DATE: 29.JUN.2009


01 HTML and CSS Compatibility

Based on the much appreciated work of Thomas Suess I revisted the HTML and CSS code and implemented compatibility to HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS 2.1. Note that the different browsers still render the pages individually, thus, the display experience may change based on the browser you use. I recommend Firefox as the most compatible reference broswer.

With the years, browser versions and screen resolutions got changed a lot. Thomas (see above) suggested to adjust the window sizes so that scrolling is reduced to a minimum.

03 License

Added the TeamCal license texts to the Doc folder.

04 CSS

Streamlined the cascading style sheet, e.g. changed all font size values from pt to px due to the broader compatibility with browser rendering.

05 Application Subtitle

The application subtitle can now be set in the config file.

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