Teamcal wurde unter der Version 2 der GNU GPL Lizenz (inkl. einigen Anmerkungen) veröffentlicht. Den genauen Lizenztext finden Sie unter eine inoffizielle Deutsche Übersetzung gibt es unter

Die TeamCal spezifischen Ergänzungen zur Lizenz, finden Sie im Teamcal Verzeichnis im Ordner „Doc“ und hier zum nachlesen.


TeamCal is free software licensed under the GNU General Public 
License (GPL). You can find the GPL license conditions in 'gpl.txt'.

Even though (and especially because of) an author of free software is 
not payed for his work I consider it as important to reference to the
original author's work appropriately. It is not only a matter of good 
manners, decency and code of honor.

Therefore, in addition to the GPL license you agree to the following 
conditions if you decide to use or modify or distribute TeamCal:

(1) You may NOT alter or disable comments, references, statements and
    displays of the:
    - Application information (name, version) (exception see (2))
    - Author's information (name, URL, e-mail)
    - Author's Copyright
    - "Powered by" information (must always be displayed on each page)

(2) You may alter '' to your liking, e.g. use
    your own image and/or subtitle.
    If you develop identifyable sections of code that are not derived 
    from the original Application and can be reasonably considered 
    independent and separate works in themselves, like an integration 
    module for a CMS, you may identify your new sections by
    appropriate references to you as the modifying author.
    In such a case you may also alter the version number of the 
    Application based on the original version number in order to reflect
    the independent additions to the Application (e.g. 2.2 => 2.2m).

George Lewe (
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